Pandit for Puja in Mumbai Pandit for Puja in Mumbai

Pandit for Puja in Mumbai

Performing a puja at home can be more than just find the right purohit. Families are planning to perform a puja at home need a pandit who can speak your language, and understand your customs and traditions.

If you are wondering how to find such a pandit for puja in Mumbai, we at Pujarambh can come to your assistance. At Pujarambh, we understand how important it is to stick to your traditions and rituals, and hence provide the best online puja services. As the puja services are performed online, you can actively participate along with your whole family from part of the country/world. Just book a pandit for puja in Mumbai, and you can perform the pooja following all the vidhi vidhaan from the safety of your house. 

The pandits at Pujarambh will perform the Vedic pujas following all the authentic customs, and rituals. The pandits are very proficient in Vedas and are educated from the popular mathas in the country. Our pandits are also quite patient and guide you clearly through each and every step via a video call. All you require to perform an auspicious puja at your home is an internet connection, a laptop/tablet or a smartphone, and some regular puja items that you mostly have at home. 

The pandits host the puja online, and you and your family can join the puja online from your home and perform it with active participation. The complete setup for the puja along with the puja samagri for most havans and abhishek is arranged by us. For certain rituals, you will be given the list of the samagri by the pandit and you will have to arrange it yourself.

We provide online puja services and pandit for puja Mumbai for the below-mentioned requirements.

Ganapati Homam & Puja

Ganapati homam or puja can be performed to remove existing obstacles and to bring in good fortune. This puja or homam is good for the success of both professional and personal life. It also helps to purify the place where the puja is conducted. 

Griha Pravesh Puja

 Griha Pravesh Puja is performed when you are moving into a new house. It ensures harmony and peace in your household and purifies the premises as well. 

Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan is performed right after Griha Pravesh puja or after marriage. Some families have the ritual of conducting Satyanarayan puja at their homes once every year. 

Sundarkand Path

Sundarkand Path is performed to please Lord Hanuman. The puja provides you with confidence, and enhances your mental strength, and helps in the completion of pending tasks if any. 


A naming ceremony or Namakaran is a ritual that is performed when the child is named formally. It is believed that the child gets blessed by the gods when such a ritual is performed and achieves good health and success.  

Pujas on Special Occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries

Like we celebrate every special occasion in our lives like birthdays or anniversaries; we can also perform special puja on such days for our well-being and a happy and successful year ahead. You can get a puja done on your birthday or your family member’s birthday, and bless them with positivity. 

Pujas for Graha Dosha Nivaran

 As per Vedic astrology, the negative effect of a planet can be reduced by performing a Graha dosha Nivaran puja. We at Pujarambh can perform the ritual based on your astrologer’s suggestion, and by following all the Vedic rituals. 

Havans/ Puja’s of Festive Days / Homams

We at Pujarambh also conduct puja online during festive days like Ganesh Chaturthi, Shiva Ratri, Dusshera, and Diwali. You can book a pandit for puja in Mumbai for homams and havans and be blessed with good health and prosperity. 

You can also give us a call to discuss any puja requirements you have. 

How to Book a Pandit for Puja?

The booking process for Pujarambh is quite simple. You can find the details of the puja on our website. Some of the details we require to book the online puja are 

  • Your Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • The Day you are planning to book the puja for
  • The name of the puja

Once you book the pandit for puja online, you will receive a confirmation through SMS and an email. The team Pujarambh will then contact you to explain the details of the puja booked. The puja is confirmed after the completion of the payment. The process is then completed by sharing the video link through which the puja is conducted online. 

On the day of the ritual /puja, you will have to join the online puja via the video link shared. You will also receive a list of the items required for the puja, which needs to be kept ready before the ceremony starts.

We at Pujarambh ensure to perform the puja in a very sacred way, with uttermost dedication, devotion, and sincerity, so that our devotees are blessed by the gods with health, wealth, and happiness. 

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