What Are the Duties of Wife in Hinduism

Marriages in Hinduism follow Vedic customs and traditions. As per Vedas, the souls of the couple are joined for seven reincarnations after their marriage. It was and is till date believed in a few cultures that the bride is the gift given to the bridegroom by the gods themselves, and he should thus treat her like a queen. 

However, as per Hindu wedding, certain duties are to be followed by the wife, and the husband, a few they need to follow together. The wife should be loyal to her husband, her husband’s family and his relatives, and also to her children. During the olden days, it was always the husband and his relatives who used to have control over the wife’s relationships outside.

With the changing times, a few traditions are being changed too. However, we still see a few families ask the women of the household to follow their duties as per the Atharva Veda. 

Are you curious to know what the duties of the wife as per Hinduism are? Well, I am! 

Duties of Wife as Per Hinduism – As Per Atharva Veda

Mantra 1/14/1 – The wife should treat her husband’s house as her permanent home. She should handle situations gently, and faithfully to avoid problems in the family. She should also establish herself in her husband’s home, just like how a mountain stays firm on its ground.

Mantra 3/25/1 – The wife should always stay by her husband’s side and in his company. The relationship should be made stronger with trust, love and care.

Mantra 3/25/5 – Her utmost priority should be faithfulness and dedication towards her husband. She should also feel attracted to her husband’s loving and caring attitude and should understand romanticism.

Mantra 3/25/6 – She should involve so much with her husband’s house and discover the love of her husband, his relatives and in-laws that she should not remember her maternal home at all.

Mantra 3/30/2 – She should have a sweet nature, and needs to be sober and have a smile on her face. She should conduct gently and sweetly with her husband.

Mantra 4/38/1 – The wife needs to be hardworking and sensual. She should also be able to take care of daily activities or rituals without any mistakes. She needs to have the best behaviour and maintain the house in the best possible way.

Mantra 4/38/2 – The wife should be able to manage the finances and spend the hard-earned money of her husband wisely. She needs to preserve his earnings and increase them. She also needs to spend a part of the money wisely on Yajya and daan.

Mantra 4/38/3 – As the wife takes care of the food, cooking and kitchen in the house, she should ensure that milk or milk products never run out in the house. She should also complete the household chores with enthusiasm and dedication.

Mantra 4/38/4 – She should keep herself happy, and take care of the happiness of the others in the family. She should also discuss any problems with her husband, and please everyone with her good behaviour. 

Mantra 4/38/5 – She needs to work hard from sunrise until sunset, and should spend her time wisely, being there for her family, and taking care of household chores and matters.

Mantra 6/8/1 – The growth or the development of the wife should be proportional to her husband. Her development is just like how a creeper grows on a tree, and with the tree being her husband here.

Mantra 6/8/3 – The wife should never imagine or think about separation from her husband. Even such a thought is considered a crime and a sin.

Mantra 7/47/2 – She should keep herself healthy and should instil spirituality in the household. She should fear God, and conduct pujas like Akhand Ramayan Paath or Shree Suktam Paath for the well-being of every member of the household.

Common Duties a Wife Shares with Her Husband

Mantra 2/30/2 – Both wife and husband should share everything. As per Vedas, this helps them lead a long life with one another.

Mantra 6/11/1 – While the wife is serene, the husband should work hard to provide for the family, and is strong. This will bless the couple with brave and strong children.

Mantra 6/42/1 – Both wife and husband should stay away from stress, anger and sorrow and complete the household chores together.

Mantra 6/89/2 – The couple needs to be understanding of each other and work towards having great compatibility.

Mantra 6/36/1 – They should try and be happy and show a loving and caring attitude towards one another.

Mantra 7/37/1 – The husband should remain faithful to his wife and should not think about other women. The wife should dress appropriately as per tradition, and look pleasable in her husband’s eyes.

Mantra 7/38/1 – The wife should strongly act suggesting that she will never stay away from her husband and his house. It is believed that this is one way to prevent her husband from getting attracted to other females. 

The duties of a wife as per Hinduism were taken from the Vedas and are followed to date in many families in India. However, a few ancient scripts have mentioned that the relationship between a married couple should comprise of Maitri, Bhakti, Atma-Prema, Kama and Shringara. 

Though the times have changed, managing a household is still considered the duty of the wife. But the newer generation believes in equality, respect, love, trust and togetherness. 

What do you think about the duties of a wife in Hinduism? Do let us know via a comment.  

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