What is the Importance of Pitru Paksha and Why It is Important? What is the Importance of Pitru Paksha and Why It is Important?

What is the Importance of Pitru Paksha and Why It is Important?

Pitru paksha shradh, entails much more than just refraining from eating meat, shopping, celebrating, and all the other unfavourable aspects! Join us as we give you a little tour to learn more about shradh in India and the importance of using it to thank your ancestors for their unwavering love for you.

According to the Hindu calendar, pitru paksha puja vidhi is a long sixteen-day period where you pay respect to your ancestors who have left this earthly world. Offering prayers, food, and daan to the poor and temple priests during this time is a tradition. The purpose of all ceremonies and prayers is to honour and remember ancestors who have departed for the heavenly home and to wish them well wherever they may be.

What are Pitru Paksha and Pitra Dosh?

Hindus remember their ancestors or predecessors during a crucial 16-day period known as Shradh or pitru paksha every year. People make offerings of food and prayers to their ancestors to comfort their spirits; it is said that doing so brings wealth and happiness into the home.

A paternal fault in a person's horoscope known as pitra dosha, sometimes known as pitru dosha, can be attributed to three main factors: the influence of plants, ancestors' deeds, and one's own karma.

  • As a result of someone's ignorance or negligence for their elderly or ageing parents.
  • Occurred as a result of a curse from a stranger or unidentified person who has been harmed by your karmas.
  • As a result of a curse from one's ancestors or owing negative karma to one's ancestors.

Importance of Shradh:

It is only natural to wonder where the numerous food items from Shradh come from the forefathers. Additionally, there is no concrete evidence to support the idea that the creature gives birth after dying. These questions have also been satisfactorily answered in the scriptures.

The heavenly ancestors, such as Agniswat and Vishwadev, effortlessly make poetry available to the ancestors with the aid of gotra. If the father has worshipped Yoni, he obtains the "meal" offered in shradh puja 2022 by turning into nectar there. They are accomplished in the human yoni in the form of ana and in animal yoni in the shape of a straw. She finds satisfaction even in the nagadi yonis by obtaining it in the form of substances after engaging in shraddhya indulgent gratification.

The Significance Behind Shradh:

According to science, the rituals entail cleansing our minds in order to free ourselves from the shame of unfinished business from our ancestors. According to medicine, the ritual of doing Shradhs was created to rid oneself of the guilt and the ensuing mental sickness.

Debt & the Notion of Shradha

Debt is the result of our forefathers' unfulfilled wishes during their lifetimes. The family's eldest son is automatically given the duty of fulfilling them, and this duty must be done. If not, it manifests in the family as a guilt condition and may show up clinically as loss of riches, loss of direction, courage, and health. In mythology, these issues were referred to as Pitra Dosh.

Psychological Components of Shradha

Shradh is a form of attachment disorder or guilt disorder in which you are either attached to the memories of the deceased, which continue to bother you in your day-to-day activities and dreams, or you are guilty of having fallen short of some of their wishes, which guilt constantly brings to mind in both your waking and sleeping hours.

The Pitru Paksha from a Spiritual Perspective:

According to legend, at this time, we are overcome with unpleasant feelings like resentment, remorse, inflated ego, unfulfilled wants, etc. Therefore, the original purpose of the pitru paksha rules was to encourage generations to overcome all their unfavourable feelings by being grateful.

Pitra Paksh also aids in our psychological detachment from ageing parents who are no longer with us. For this reason, Shraadh must be conducted one year after death. We're meant to be able to distance ourselves after this year. But Pitra Paksh is a time for both detachment and remembering for family members who are still close to the deceased.

The Pitru Paksha 2022 Start and End Dates:

The Pitru Paksha will begin on September 10, 2022 and conclude with Sarv Pitri Amavasya on September 25, 2022.

Do's and Don'ts During Shradh Paksha:

Guidelines for Pitru Paksha:

  • Give everyone only satvik food
  • Give food to the dogs, crows, and cows
  • Every day, do amavasya shradh 2022 by giving the Brahmin food and clothing
  • During these days, pitra dosh holders must do pind daan in order to appease their ancestors and bring them peace
  • Pray by performing Pitru Tarpan with the assistance of a skilled priest or brahmin

Things to Avoid During Pitru Paksha:

  • The purchase of a new house and car is regarded as unlucky
  • During these days, one must refrain from engaging in any auspicious activity
  • During these days, refrain from consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian cuisine
  • It is not advisable to participate in these happy occasions like weddings and engagements
  • Do not buy anything for yourself on shradh puja date, including clothing, shoes, or anything else
  • Haircuts, nail trims, and shaving are not permitted during Pitru Paksha

Shradh Rules, Process, and Items:

The male family member who does the ekadashi shradh 2022 puja is typically the eldest son or male family member. A Karta (the doer) and a pandit are required for the shradh (the priest). The puja starts when a pandit performs a havan at their residence. Following the havan, rice is served to the deceased as well as meals for the pandit.

Dakshina and Daan are given to the pandit and those in need to end the puja. Crows, dogs, and cows are also given a portion of the prepared food. The Shradh rituals are carried out on Amavasya, the final day of the shradh paksha, if no one knows the deceased's date or tithi.

How to Perform Shraddha Ceremony at Home?

Get up early, and bathe before shradh puja vidhi. Wearing an angavastra and a dhoti, do Sandhyavandanam first and then Madhyanam. Then, take another bath. Face the East at home in India while sitting in a clean dhoti and angavastra. To carry out the ceremonies in India, use a pancha patra made of copper, brass, or silver. Get all the shradh puja samagri. Glass, iron, steel, and plastic should not be used. You can book a pandit ji for pitru dosh puja. Perform the Achaman to start the rituals.

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