Things You Need To Know About Bhumi Pujan in 2023 Things You Need To Know About Bhumi Pujan in 2023

Things You Need To Know About Bhumi Pujan in 2023

Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush are honored in the ritual known as Bhoomi Pooja (deity of directions). Mother Earth is referred to as Bhoomi. As a result, this pooja purges the land of its negative effects and Vats Doshas. This streamlines the construction process and starts before any structures are built.

Shubh Muhurat for Bhumi Pujan in 2023

Be aware that laying the foundation for a new home is distinct from beginning the construction of a house. Before starting the construction, the foundation stone must be laid. Vastu and custom dictate that the construction should begin after the foundation stone is laid. Additionally, it is wise to speak with Vastu and astrology experts to determine the most auspicious day to begin building a house. View the favorable Bhumi Pujan Muhurat in 2023.

The best shubh muhurat for bhumi pujan in 2023 for laying the foundation are Baisakh (May), Margashirsha (December), Paush (January), and Phalgun (March). The months of Baisakh, Shravan, Margashirsha, Magha, Falgun, Bhadrapada, and Kartik may also come after, based on the principles of the ancient Hindu scriptures and Vastu Shastra. View the favorable times for Bhoomi Pujan 2023 and book pandit for bhumi pujan.

What is the Significance of Bhoomi Pooja?

Any new venture or relationship should be launched with divine blessings, as this is auspicious. That makes the atmosphere more upbeat. The bhumi pujan vidhi ritual performed by pandit ji for griha pravesh eradicates all hostile will be related with the area. Blessings of the goddess of Bhoomi are always prayed, whether building construction is being done or cultivation is being done.

This ensures that the work on the plot of land will be finished without incident if done at the appropriate time and with the appropriate bhoomi puja process. If the land is used for agriculture, the goddess guarantees better yields. In the case of a house or building, she also guarantees the well-being and prosperity of the occupants.

You would also ask for the Vastu Purusha's blessings when performing the Bhoomi Poojan for a new home. Peace is guaranteed throughout the entire house thanks to the five elements' pacification. You can book pandit for vastu pujan.

Who Should Do Bhoomi Pooja?

The primary participant in this ritual is the family patriarch. If the family's head is a married man, he should participate in the ritual with his wife. You need to Book Griha Pravesh Pandit ji who is familiar with every step of the Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi. You can only be guided to perform the rites correctly with the help of an experienced priest. To determine the most auspicious time for the ceremony, they will also consult the Hindu panchang, a religious calendar.

What Month is Best to Build a House?

The best shubh muhurat for bhumi pujan is to build a house in winter. When compared to homes built during the summer, it is thought that those built between November and February are better constructed. This is due to the fact that rains are typically absent during these months.

What are Few of the Lucky Dates to Build Your Home?

In accordance with the Hindu calendar, building new homes or performing on bhumi pujan tithi are considered lucky to occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Auspicious Day for Bhumi Pujan Shubh Muhurat Dates in 2023



Shubh Muhurta Time



From 09:15 am to 12:15 pm



From 07:28 am to 12:24 pm



From 07:24 am to 10:25 pm



From 07:40 am to 12:16 pm



From 06:42 am to 08:26 pm



From 07:39 am to10:38 pm



From 07:21 am to 09:12 pm



From 07:22 am to 09:08 pm



From 08:55 am to 12:05 pm

Important Note: There is no Shubh Muhurat for bhoomi pooja for house construction in the January, April, May, June, July, August, and October 2023. For more details, you may consult with the best astrologer to know the auspicious lay foundation dates based on your horoscope and zodiac signs.

What are the Items for Bhoomi Puja?

For the Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi, book griha pravesh pandit ji near me and find specific ritualistic items or bhumi puja samagri. The items used for pooja most frequently are Flowers, Betel leaves, Betel nuts, Rice, Coconut, Durba grass, Diya (lamp), Gangajal (Ganga River water), Camphor, Ghee or oil, Incense, Turmeric, Cotton for aarti, Navratna, Pickaxe, Panchadhatu, Sandalwood powder/paste, Quarter coins, Water, Kalava (red thread).

What is the Benefit of Bhoomi Devi Mantra?

By chanting the Bhumi Gayatri mantra, we invoke Bhumi Devi's presence and are able to address the supreme Goddess directly with our loving prayers. We can feel a connection with our planet and all life forms that live there in this way.

"ॐ भूदेव्यै नमः ॥ ॐ पृथ्वीदेव्यै नमः ॥ ॐधरादेव्यै नमः॥"

When Should One Perform Bhoomi Pooja?

Before the construction of any new building, Hindus perform a bhumi puja mantra and other rituals known as bhoomi pooja in which they worship the Earth and ask for her blessings. Kartik, Paush, Margshirsh, and Shravan are the ideal months for Bhoomi pooja.

Which Month is Good for Vastu Pooja?

An auspicious date must be chosen for your Griha Pravesh puja. Even though there are many auspicious dates during the festive seasons, the months of Vaishakh, Magh, Jyeshtha, and Phalgun are thought to be the most suitable for a Griha Pravesh ceremony.

Which is the Best Direction for House to Face?

According to Vastu, a house should be facing northeast. This is so because the God of Wealth is associated with the northeast.

How Do I Know If My Land is Good to Build a House?

A Vastu Shastra and astrology expert can be consulted to determine if there is an auspicious day for building a house based on the individual's horoscope.

An initiation ceremony called a bhoomi pujan vidhi is performed to signify the use of newly purchased land. There are a few more Vastu-compliant steps you need to take before beginning the Bhoomi Poojan rituals and bhoomi puja samagri online for a new home. A boundary wall must be built, with the southwest side being higher than the other sides.

Even before you carry out the Bhumi Puja Vidhi, it is a good idea to plant trees and grow other plants on the site. You might even think about keeping a cow and calf on your property. If there is a pregnant woman in the family, do not conduct the ceremony. The Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi will be successful if performed under the direction of an experienced priest if you want to receive divine blessings and peace.

भूमि पूजन विधि, भूमि पूजन शुभ मुहूर्त,  भूमि पूजन सामग्री, भूमि पूजन मंत्र, भूमि पूजन का शुभ मुहूर्त कब है 2023.

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