Lakshmi Narayana Pooja: Benefits, Procedure And Samagri List

People can obtain all material comforts, health, prosperity, long life, spiritual progress, and wealth by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Narayan together. The devotion of Srihari Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, grants all wishes. The chanting of Lord Vishnu's and Mother Lakshmi's mantras brings Srihari and Mother Lakshmi's blessings from all ten directions.

If you are trying to attain peace, prosperity and fulfillment in life, then you need to think about performing a Lakshmi Narayana Pooja, either by yourself at home or by booking a pandit online.

When Should You Do Lakshmi Narayana Pooja?

You can perform this Pooja: - 

  • On any Thursday
  • When there is Pushya Nakshatra
  • When Pushya Nakshatra falls on Tuesday as there is Guru Pushya Yoga on that day

Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Mantra

Om Shreem Satyalokapalakaya Namah:

Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Samagri List

  1. Lotus flower
  2. Tulsi
  3. Conch
  4. Chunari
  5. Red Cloth
  6. Mango Leaves
  7. Saffron
  8. Haldi
  9. Sindur

Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Vidhi/Procedure

  • Before we start with the Pooja, you'll need a photo, murti or painting of Lakshmi Narayan in a specific manner. Lord Vishnu should be sleeping in the Ksheera Sagara with Goddess Lakshmi sitting near him. A lotus should be sprouting from the navel of Vishnu on which Lord Brahma should be sitting.
  • Make sure you are facing north while performing this Pooja. Set the aisle accordingly with the photos and Diya. The person performing this Pooja needs to be seated in a seat covered in yellow and should wear yellow clothes.
  • The Dhoop used should be of a yellow or white flower. Preferably Jasmin.
  • Mix Haldi in a cow's ghee and light the Diya with that ghee only. You can also wrap camphor in a yellow thread and burn it along with lighting the Diya.
  • Offer marigold or any other yellow flower to Lakhsmi Narayan
  • Next, offer a seasonal yellow fruit like a banana or mango.
  • Now, apply a talk to the murti or photo using Kesar. Apply a talk on your forehead next using the same Kesar.
  • Offer a small amount of honey to the deities as well. After the Pooja is completed, spread the honey on a roti or chapati and feed it to a cow.
  • Now, offer a bit of Haldi powder to them as well. Later, once the Pooja is completed, add a bit of Gangajal or rose water into the powder and use it to make a "Shree" symbol on the front door, on the locker and also on the money. This will ensure prosperity and more financial stability.
  • Next, offer the prasad to the deities. The Prasad should be made through besan and be yellow in colour.
  • Take the Chandan mala in your hand and chant the “Om Shreem Satyalokapalakaya Namah:” mantra 108 times
  • Once it's done, bow to the deities and ask for fulfilment and forgiveness.
  • Share the prasad with as many people as you can.
  • Feed the cows and offer food and clothes to the poor.

Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Benefits

Those who perform this pooja are blessed with a lot of things. Some benefits of performing this Pooja at home are:

  • Peace
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Healthy and intelligent Children
  • Desire fulfilment
  • Better understanding among family members


The Lakshmi Narayana Pooja is a great pooja to bring more happiness to your life and to your family as well. If you are facing issues like recurring diseases, loss of wealth, and constant clashes, then you should perform this Pooja. In the end, with the blessings of Laxmi Narayan, your life will become better. If you feel overwhelmed about this, you can easily book this Pooja online with Pujarambh.

Pujarambh will provide you with everything you need to get this Pooja done successfully. We have experienced Pandits who are masters at what they do and have great knowledge of all Vidhi Vidhan. Book the Pooja online and let the blessings be showered on you and your family

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