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Puja is an auspicious event that aims to bring peace and prosperity into the family. Given that, the preparation of puja should be up to the mark. Starting from decorations to arranging necessary items for rituals, each and everything should be selected carefully. Not to mention a set of rules that are important to abide, by when doing a special puja. However, a bigger problem that folks often encounter is - who will do the Puja?

The role of a pandit isn't only to try to do the ritual but also to be present as the right guide for preparation beforehand. Meanwhile, pandits are not available due to high demand. Additionally, people aren't willing to waste time, given today’s day and age. In such a situation, a new culture of worshiping online is coming forward. So, if you're trying to find a North Indian pandit in Gurgaon, Pujarambh is here to assist you.

Why Choose Pujarambh?

At Pujarambh, we offer assistance to perform your Puja. On video calls, you'll be under the supervision of our learned pandits who have ample experience in several sorts of pujas. Additionally, you and your family can do puja following all safety protocols while gaining the benefits of Puja. Saving your time, you'll be able to book pandit with a few clicks and forget all your worries.

Here, the pandits will perform Vedic pujas in accordance with all original customs and rites. The pandits are well-versed within the Vedas and have received their education from the country's well-known maths. Our pandits are incredibly patient and will explain each step through a video call. To perform an auspicious puja reception, all you require is good internet, a laptop/tablet or smartphone, and some general puja supplies.

What do we offer?

Since the pandits host the puja online, you and your family can participate actively in it from the comfort of your house. We offer the complete puja package in addition to puja samagri for many havans and abhisheks. The pandit will provide you with a listing of the samagri for various ceremonies, and you will need to arrange it yourself. On our website, we offer the subsequent online puja services and a North Indian pandit in Gurgaon.

Griha Pravesh Puja - When shifting into a replacement home, Griha Pravesh Puja is performed. It maintains harmony and peace in your home while also purifying the environment. counting on the placement. Since there are different kinds of grih Pravesh puja, you just can refer to your pandit for deciding on one.

Ganapati Homam & Puja - A havan or puja for Ganapati is conducted to eliminate hurdles and produce good luck. This puja is helpful to both professional and personal lives’ success. It also is a detox for the situation where the puja is performed.

Satyanarayan Puja - Satyanarayan Katha is held right after Griha Pravesh Puja or after marriage. Some families have a practice of performing Satyanarayan puja once a year at their houses. You can read about it on our website and book a date to bring peace and prosperity.

Sundarkand Paath - The Sundarkand Paath may be a ritual that's conducted to appease Lord Hanuman. The puja instills confidence in you, strengthens your mental fortitude, and aids in the accomplishment of any task. One of its remedies is to cut back the effect of Shani Dev's Dasha.

Namakaran - A naming ceremony, also referred to as Namakaran, is a ritual that takes place when a baby is given an official name. Such a ceremony is performed in order that the child is blessed by the gods and gains blessings and success.

Pujas for Special Occasions - we will perform special puja on memorable days (like birthdays, anniversaries) for inaugurating a pleasing and eventful year ahead. Similar to people who give their best wishes on birthdays or anniversaries, you'll take the blessing of God for a prosperous life. On your or a family member’s birthday, you'll perform puja to bless them with positivity.

Graha Dosha Nivaran Pujas – in keeping with Vedic astrology, a Graha dosha Nivaran puja can alleviate a planet's adverse effects. Be it health issues, financial troubles, or any doshas, you'll consult astrologers at Pujarambh permanently advice. Here, we are able to perform the ceremony in step with your request, and it'll be in accordance with the Vedic rituals.

Havans/ Festive Day Pujas/ Homams – except for conducting puja, we, at Pujarambh, also perform puja on Ganesh Chaturthi, Shiva Ratri, Dusshera, Navratri, and Diwali. You'll be able to hire a North Indian pandit in Gurgaon for puja, homam, or havan for gaining good health and wealth.

You can also contact us to discuss the other puja needs you will have.

What is the procedure for booking a Pandit for Puja?

The booking procedure for Pujarambh is pretty easy. The information regarding any specific puja is available on our website. There are a number of common requirements that we'll need to book an online puja for you:

  • Your Complete Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • The day of the puja
  • The name/type of the puja

You will receive an SMS and an email confirmation once you've got booked the pandit for puja online. The Pujarambh staff will then call you to give insight on the main points of the puja that you just have requested. After the payment is complete, the puja is going to be confirmed. Following that, the booking process is completed by distributing the link for the video call puja. You'll join the puja using that video link, which will be sent on the day of the ritual. You'll also get a list of the articles you’ll need for the puja, which you've got to bring before the ritual begins.

At Pujarambh, we guarantee that our pujas are performed within the most meaningful manner with the utmost passion, devotion, and sincerity giving you good results. So, book your puja now and leave the rest to us.

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