Book Pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja Book Pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja

Book Pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja

Before taking a new house, people do Griha Puja. Having their own home is the dream of everyone's life. When we move to a new house, we enter with the hope that there will always be happiness, peace, and prosperity inside the house. This is why people do Griha Pravesh Puja. Griha Pravesh Puja is done for the purification and happiness of the house.

We enter a house with new hopes and dreams. To achieve good luck and keep it devoid of any negativity, Griha Pravesh Puja is important. There is a belief among Hindus that worshipping and performing Havan before entering the house brings happiness and the abode of God. Many a time it happens that Vastu is not given much attention while building a house, so all these problems get resolved during worship.

Types of Griha Pravesh Puja

  • Apoorva Griha Pravesh Puja– When an entry is made into the new house that is built for the first time, it is called Apoorva Graha Pravesh.
  • Sapoorva Griha Pravesh Puja – Sometimes a person stays in the house with their family and leaves his house empty for some time. But then when he goes to live there again, Sapoorva Griha Pravesh is done.
  • Dwandhav Griha Pravesh Puja– When one has to leave the house due to some trouble or calamity and re-enter that house then Puja is called Dwandhav Griha Pravesh.

What is the Significance of Griha Pravesh Puja?

Whether it's buying a new house or shifting to a new house, deciding the time is very important as it will bring good luck. So, when someone first moves into a new house,

then Puja is done. It is very important not only for the owner of the house but for all the people in the family. According to Vastu, the house is made up of five elements - Sun, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air and the right combination of all these brings happiness, health and happiness, and prosperity to the house. If the house is entered at an auspicious time, it makes life easier and the family has to face fewer troubles after moving to a new house. Days like Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, and Dussehra are considered auspicious for such Muhurta. While Uttrayan, Holi, Adhikmas, and Shradh Paksha are inauspicious. Few things to note before you decide on the Griha Pravesh Puja dates.

  • Choose an auspicious date: With the onset of the festive season, there are also many dates on which you can enter the house. Dussehra and Diwali are considered very auspicious for home entry. But first, take the advice of the priest.
  • Complete the work related to furnishing and construction: Avoid moving to a new house if the construction work is going on. Move to a new house only when the house is completely ready. Griha Pravesh means entering a new phase of life. So, the new house should be complete in every way. Therefore, keep in mind that work like wood, fittings, paint, etc. should be completed.
  • Keep in mind that the house should be according to Vastu: Make sure that the house is according to Vastu, especially the place of worship and the main entrance.

Griha Pravesh Puja Samagri List

  • What are the things needed for Griha Pravesh Puja? Well, the list can differ with the different types of puja you want but here is a list of common items that will be used: Coconut, Desi Ghee, Havan Material, Dry Mango Woods, betel nut, barley, turmeric, Clove, Jaggery, Black Sesame, Ganga Jal, Green Cardamom, Whole Rice, Bada Diya Chowki, Betel leaves, 5 types of fruits, Copper Kalash, Flour,

Roli or Kumkum, Five types of sweets, cotton, Leaves of Mango or Ashoka tree, Molly, Punch Meva, yellow cloth, incense sticks, Upanayana or Janeu, Flowers, Red cloth, curd, unboiled milk, dhoop, batti, camphor, and a garland of flowers.

  • Decorate the entrance: On the day of Griha Pravesh Puja, decorate the entrance of your house with pylons and flowers. For this, use the leaves of the mango tree and the flowers of the marigold. Make a swastika mark on the main door and put the feet of Goddess Lakshmi outside the main door.
  • Clean the whole house: Before the puja, clean the entire house properly so that it looks welcoming. This will bring good energy and positivity to your home. Before starting the puja, clean with a broomstick at every corner of the house.
  • Cleanse the house: Sprinkle Gangajal all over the house. Keep Gangajal in a separate urn in an unused corner of your house and place raw mango leaves over it. Use these leaves to sprinkle Gangajal everywhere. It is believed that Gangajal has pure energy that removes negative energies from the house.
  • Make Rangoli: Rangolis are synonymous with the festive season and are believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

Griha Pravesh Puja Vidhi Mantra

In the morning, put a festoon(तोरण) of the mango leaves at the front door of your house and establish the Kalash. Establish Ganesha first and worship him. All the people of the house should be present at the place of Puja. After completing the ritual, one should

enter the new house under the sunlight with Mangal Kalash. At the main entrance of the

house, only the sister or any daughter of the owner of the house ties a festoon made of flowers or mango leaves. The house is decorated with flowers and Rangoli. An idol of Ganesha is placed in the entry.

The Puja starts by making a swastika. At the time of entering the new house, the owner and their spouse should carry five auspicious things like coconut, yellow turmeric, jaggery, rice, and milk. The idol of Lord Ganesha, Dakshinavarti conch shell, Shree Yantra should be taken to the house on the day of Griha Pravesh.

After the Griha Pravesh Puja, the kitchen place is worshipped first. Moli and Roli are decorated with Swastikas at the entrance of the house. The gas is turned on after worshipping the stove and by giving water in it, a swastika is made for good luck. After this, the prasad will be made that will be offered to god and then attendees.

Things to know before Griha Pravesh Puja

Magha, Falgun, Vaishakh, Jyeshtha months are said to be the best time for home entry. Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Paush are not considered auspicious from this point of view. Home entry is not done on Tuesday, in special circumstances, home entry is considered prohibited on Sunday and Saturday also. Griha Pravesh Puja can be done on any of the remaining days of the week. Apart from Amavasya and Purnima, Shukla Paksha 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 13 dates are considered very auspicious for entry.

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