Hindu Pre Wedding Rituals Step by Step

Your search for the Hindu pre-wedding rituals step-by-step ends here.  A wedding for most people is a one-time occasion in life, especially in India.  If you are one of those waiting eagerly for your marriage, you have come to the right place.  For a long time, people celebrate Hindu weddings like festivals for all to have a good time. 

And especially it is an exciting time for the bride and groom to never have in life again. Hence, many Hindu pre-wedding rituals start a few days before the wedding day to extend it to the maximum.  All of it is not only for exceeding the expectations of the would-be couple but also for Vedic and scientific reasons. Hence, it is essential to have a Hindu pandit follow all the rituals for the bride and groom to have a happy wedded life for a long time. 

So, check out the many Hindi pre-wedding rituals step by step to make weddings not only a happy occasion but also to book pandit for marriage to do it auspiciously and spiritually. 

Why are there many Hindu pre-wedding rituals?

Before knowing the Hindu pre-wedding rituals step by step, you need to know why many such rituals exist.  Until a few years ago, Hindu marriages used to be a ceremony for over a week.   But in this fast and modern world, it has been reduced to a few days now, though some people in many parts of India celebrate it as a festival for a week.  It is to bring the entire family together for having a good relationship and an excellent time together. Also, it enables the two families to know each other’s choices and preferences along with their way of living for better bonding between them.  

Since, for most in India, it happens only once, the Hindu pre-marriage rituals step by step enable them to increase their happiness to the maximum extent possible.  And the most important of all is to reduce the stress of marriage between the bride and groom and make them happy to remember for their entire lifetime. Hence it is essential to perform them by the best pandit for marriage in Delhi.

Hindu pre-marriage rituals step by step

Hindu marriages get solemnized by Vedic rituals for thousands of years. It brings together two souls and their families by exchanging vows as the Hindu pandit for wedding recites the mantras and hymns from the four Vedas.  Since they get married to live together forever, it is essential to have the best pandit for a wedding in Gurgaon to do it for a living united forever.  Only then the Vedas, which are thousands of years old scriptures of Hinduism will solemnize the marriage to last long for the married couple to live happily.  

And being the best and biggest day of their life not only for the bride and groom but for their entire family and friends,  it should be an optimistic one.  Though the Hindu pre-wedding rituals vary in many parts of India, the most common step by step include.

Ganesh Puja

As per Hinduism, before starting to do anything important, it is essential to worship Lord Ganesha.  Being the first son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi, many believe that getting his blessings before any auspicious occasions is essential.  And what is more of an auspicious day for anyone than their wedding day?  Hence, performing Ganesh Puja by the best pandit for marriage near me is the first thing to do. 

Though the experienced pandit for marriage in Delhi performs it grandly on the wedding day, many do it at their house to kick-start many marriage ceremonies.

Ring Ceremony

Sagai, also known as ring ceremony, is like Christians exchanging rings during their marriage. Many do it as an engagement or betrothal ceremony before the marriage to confirm it on a specific day.  Depending on the region, it happens even a few months before the marriage or a few days before it.   The bride and groom exchange rings to confirm their bonding forever to happen soon. The best Hindu pandit for weddings performs this auspicious occasion to kick start others to follow suit soon.

Tilak Ceremony

Tilak or groom acceptance ceremony happens at the groom's house a few days before the marriage.  The brother or father of the groom applies Kumkum or tilak on his forehead for him to start his marital life happily and successfully.  Tilak ceremony differs in many parts of India, but the basic concept is to prepare the groom for his lifetime commitment to the bride for a happy life.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi, also known as the turmeric ceremony, prepares the bride and groom for the wedding traditionally and scientifically.  As per the region it is also known as nalangu, tel baan, ubtaan among others.  A few days before the marriage, a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rosewater, and milk will apply to the bride and groom. 

In some parts, it is more fun as the groom and bride apply to each other to exceed their exiting, even beyond their expectations.  It is traditionally done to keep the evils' eyes away from the couple. But even scientifically, it reduces the stress of the marriage to have fun and be hygienic as turmeric has many antimicrobial properties.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony is mostly for the bride to apply henna on the hands and legs to give cosmetics and scientifically relax the nerves.  In most of India, the bride will not step out of the house after the Mehendi ceremony and hence gets more importance.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet or musical ceremony happens one or two days before the marriage wherein most of the bride and groom's family members have fun together.  Though it was common for Punjabi weddings, it is now held for many marriages in India.  It helps all relax by shaking their hands and legs to dance joyfully to be a special ceremony for the bride and groom to remember for a lifetime.

The above facts and step-by-step Hindu pre-wedding rituals will help you book pandit for marriage to make it auspicious.  With the pandit charges for marriage minimal compared to spending on the other occasions, which is mostly one-time expenditure, it will fulfill the aspirations for having a joyful and Vedic wedding to live happily united forever. 

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