Bodysoul Daily Puja Combo

Bodysoul Daily Puja Combo
Bodysoul Daily Puja Combo

Subscribe and support the health and education of the priest's family with 10% of your purchase. For your daily puja needs, we have got you something special. The Bodysoul puja kit contains:

2 Agarbatti Box (30pc)

1 Dhoop Cone Box (50gm)

1 Wet Dhoot Box (10Pc)

1 Rui Batti Packet

1 Kumkum Dibbi (25gm)

1 Camphor (Kapoor) Pack - 15 gm

1 Red Puja Kapda

Price: ₹325

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Key Insights on Bodysoul Daily Puja Combo

Daily Puja procedure

Early morning is the best time to perform daily puja because Satvik Goon is highly active during this time. As a result, the mind remains calm and highly focused. Many rituals and steps are involved in daily pujas, such as Mantra, Japa, Shlokas, etc. Before making arrangements for puja, the devotee should take a bath, wear clean cotton or silk cloth, and start the puja.

Daily Puja at home

Daily puja or Nitya puja is a tradition of the Hindu family. The woman or man of the house engages himself or herself to offer puja daily. Before making puja arrangements, the devotee takes a bath and, wearing clean cotton or silk cloth, offers puja and chants very simple mantras or shlokas. Now devotee rings bell and conch. The use of the conch is highly valued for every good purpose. It has been traditionally used from ancient times. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna used to sound his conch -'Punchajanya' before starting the war of the Kurukshetra.

Daily puja at the business place

It is also performed in an office or business center. Here Lord Ganesh is the main deity because he is the symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Ashram Daily Puja

Ashram daily puja goes throughout the day. The Puja and Bidhi begin with meditation, then puja, breakfast, meditation(once again), Seva or Bhog, lunch, Bhajan, evening puja are performed step by step.

Daily puja in vehicles

Daily puja is an everyday occurrence in a vehicle. Here the Istho Devta may be of Lakshmi, Narayan, lord Shiva or any Guru Dev of the vehicle owner. Commonly the paid Bramhin performs the duty.

Time scheduled for puja

Puja is performed twice daily. First early in the morning, next in the evening. The evening is the transition period or Sandhikal. Some sources say that the human mind is in fear of losing the sun's bright light this time. To overcome the fear, people ring a bell, beat drums, and chant Shlokas.

Bodysoul Daily Puja Combo

These are widely used for various religions and spiritual purposes. They are manufactured from highly processed raw materials such as charcoal, granules, resins, etc., and are very effective in cleaning the atmosphere.

Significance of Puja Samagri

Incense sticks or Agarbatti: Using Agarbatti on every suitable occasion is a traditional culture in Hindu System. All religions within India burn incense sticks at puja places.  In all Hindu rituals, Agarbattis are an integral part.

Dhoopbatti: Dhoop sticks are different from Agarbatti and are widely used right from temples to households. As it is made from ghee, herbs, and wood chips, they are harmless for health.

Camphor: As a part of rituals, Hindus use numerous ingredients during puja and other ceremonies. Camphor is one such ingredient that plays an essential role in Hindu society, from simple household benefits to spreading happiness into our lives.

Kumkum: Kumkum is an ingredient that can bring good luck to us. Married women wear Kumkum as a symbol of marriage. Beyond these, Kumkum plays a vital role in the medical arena.

Rui Batti: Cotton wicks or Rui Batti is one of the puja Samagri used to burn Diya or candles. It is a beautiful item used for decorating during festival time. This time people brighten up their house with Rui Battis, which looks shining and soothing.

Its ray of light brings happiness and positivity by eliminating the darkness around us. It is also used in the temple for prayer purposes. During Diwali and Navaratras, they are commonly used.

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