Kumbh Vivah Sanskaar Puja

Kumbh Vivah Sanskaar Puja

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Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja which is also known as Ark puja is performed in India for males as well as females who are having Manglik dosh in their Kundali. To remove the Manglik dosh from Kundli and have a successful marriage, Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja is performed.

No. Of pandit(s): 1 | Duration: 1-2 hours | Includes all puja Samagri

Kumbh Vivah Sanskaar Puja

Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja is performed before the marriage. According to Hindu spiritual mythology, it is believed that Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja helps in overcoming the ill effects of marriage. Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja was performed to find a spiritual solution over the Manglik dosh and its adverse effect on human life. Manglik dosh has its bad impact right after the marriage and to have a successful and happy marriage life, overcoming this Dosh, calming down, or removing the Manglik dosh from Kundli is important.

The people who horned on the influence of Mars or the people who have Mars or Mangal Grah in their Kundali are believed to have Mangal dosh. Such people who are born with Mangal dosh or have Mangal dosh in their Kundali are called Manglik. According to Indian society, Manglik females should always marry the Manglik groom or Manglik males should always have to marry the Manglik bride. Otherwise, if a Manglik person marries a person who does not have Manglik dosh in his Kundali, then that person may face many health or wealth issues after marriage.

There are many ways by which one can reduce the effects of Manglik dosha after marriage but there is no way to destroy the effect of Manglik Dosha. To completely remove the Manglik Dosha from Kundali, the person with Manglik Dosha has to perform Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja. Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja removes the Manglik Dosha from the Kundali and the person now can marry any person he/she wants to and will not have any adverse effects on the partner

Who can do this puja?

According to Hindu spirituality and mythology, the person who has Mangal Dosha in his/ her Kundali has to perform the Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja. To overcome the ill or bad impact after marriage and to have a successful marriage, Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja needs to be performed by a Manglik person in the presence of Pandit Ji.

Benefits of Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja

Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja, like the name, said, Kumbh means put mod and Vivah means marriage or wedding. The Kumbh Vivah is a wedding similar to a normal wedding in Hindu culture. The only difference here is instead of a spouse, the person has to do all the sphere and puja with a mud pot. For the chanting of Mantra, Pandit Ji chants the real Mantra of the wedding and the wedding is performed with all the rituals and real wedding Mantra.

After the wedding, the female has to remove the tie or thread of marriage and has to tie that thread to the mud pot. After that, the girl has to hide or leave the mud pot in the river or any pond. One has to make sure while leaving the mud pot in the river, no one should see or watch her doing that. In that way, all the Manglik Dosha in Kundli of females, get transferred to the mud pot and because mud pot is a nonliving thing, no harm is caused to anyone. So as Manglik Dosha is removed from Kundli, the female can marry any person and have a successful marriage.

With Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja

There will be healthy life of both groom and bride

No issue occurs between the marriage life of the groom and bride. Both will have a happy marriage.

The childbirth issues get resolved.

All the health and health-related issues will not occur after marriage.

Book the online Pandit Ji for Kumbh Vivah Sanskar puja if any of your relatives or you have Manglik Dosha in Kundali. Our Pandit Ji is highly qualified and performs all the puja as per all the directions given in the Vedas. The puja will be performed by verified and qualified Pandit Ji.

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