Pitra Dosh/ Shraadh Puja

Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya) Shradh Puja

1 Panditji | Duration : 2-3 Hours


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Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya) Shradh Puja with pandit bhoj

1 Panditji | Duration : 2-3 Hours


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Pitru Paksha Shraadh Puja with pandit bhoj - in Temple

1 Panditji And 2 Brahmins | Duration : 2-3 Hours

1. Live Puja will be conducted over zoom meeting 2. Puja Video will be shared over email


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Booked Till Date: 24

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Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja and Havan

5 | Duration : 3-4 Hours

Muhurat Consultation


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Pitra Dosh/ Shraadh Puja - Customise

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Pitra Dosh happens if any forefathers up to the 4th generation had an untimely death on the mother’s side. This dosh also occurs if the 7th generation on the father’s side had an abnormal end or perished early. It is necessary to respect the ancestors' wishes and do some good deeds before they die. If one does not follow this, then the souls of the ancestors never rest in peace and become Pitra Dosh. If a person does not perform puja for their ancestors, he might experience the “Pitra


Key Insights on Pitra Dosh/ Shraadh Puja

Planetary Positions Responsible for Pitra Dosh

A Kundli is estimated to be hit by Pitra dosh if, in the horoscope, the 9th house or its ruler is either in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu. If Sun or Jupiter is in the Kundli in the conjugation of Rahu or Ketu, it provides the effect of Pitra dosh to a minor extent. The native might have to undergo severe injuries, accidents, eyesight, mental problems, and complications in life.

Effects of Pitra Dosh:

  1. There will be no male offspring born to move ahead of the generation.
  2. Repeated abortions may occur.
  3. There can be kids in the family who do not desire to get married, or no proper match could be decided for the marriage.
  4. No interest in Business or education even though they are well educated.
  5. Health and wellness-related problems at home.
  6. The family hardly finds any luck or success in whatever they decide to do.
  7. If a family is suffering from Pitra Dosh, any family member will likely see a snake in their dreams or the forefather asking for food or clothes.
  8. The person can lose his status in the community, or the evil effects of Pitra Dosh can even reach to an extent where the person has to serve a lengthy sentence in prison.
  9. Pitra Dosh in Kundli might lead to unnatural death like accidents/suicides/murder or loss of life in a strange manner.

Benefits of Pitra Dosh Puja?

Pitra Dosh Puja has the subsequent benefits:

When should one perform this puja?

Amavasya and Ashtami are typically the most beneficial days to perform the Pitra Dosh Puja.

Some people also offer this puja on Pitra Paksha. Furthermore, this Puja should take place on the last day of Pitra Paksha. Based upon the Kundli of the person and discussing with us, this puja should occur.

How to perform Pitra Dosh puja?

The time required: 3 hours.

You can book a professional pandit as this cannot be done without Pundit or reach Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nasik in the evening for conducting the puja.

  1. Tri Pindi Shradhh: Offer Tri Pindh Shradhh for the Puja. It is performed beside the Kund.
  2. Trimurti Worship: Three Lords are worshipped on this Puja.
  3. Teerth Shradhh: Teerth shradh is conducted at the house of the pandit solely for those people who are doing just the shradh.
  4. Puja to Ancestors: A puja is given in honor of all the ancestors that have passed away—beginning from great-grandparents to mother and fathers-in-law, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and anybody from the family who are gone. It also covers the Gurujis who have passed away.
  5. Kala Til: Kala Til, Pushpa, Jal, Tulsi Leaves are offered, and these Pindhs are worshipped. The Vidhaan is of 1.5-2hrs.
  6. Donation: You can donate food and clothes in the ancestors' names that are no longer alive.

What are the different types of Pitra Dosh Puja?

There are three variants of Pitra Dosh Puja. They are:

Narayan Nagbali Puja: This is a total three day Puja. It is a very complex procedure. The puja is divided into three parts and requires total dedication.

Tri Pindh Shradh: This is a one-day Puja. This Puja is performed beside the Kundh.

Teerth Shradh: This Puja is performed at the residence of the Pandit. This is also a one-day Puja.

Remedies for Pitra Dosh

Pujarambh to the rescue

If you are seeking a reliable Pandit who can analyze your Kundli and assist you in selecting the correct Pitra dosh puja time for you, then you are at the right place. Pujarambh can make all the preparations so you can achieve a smooth and productive Pitra Dosh Puja.

We are well skilled with all the vidhis and pujas. We have been doing them for several years in a proper manner. People from all segments of India book us for authentic results in Puja. Contact us now.

Puja would be performed by experienced and well-versed vedic panditji. Panditji will bring gurukul approved authentic samagri. The procedures and rituals would be followed strictly as per Vedic standards. Puja will be performed as per muhurat timings. You will get all information and guidance post booking the Puja from your dedicated puja manager.

Package Includes

We will Bring: Bodysoul Agarbatti/Dhoop Pack, Kapoor/Camphor - 15gm, Rui batti - Round and Long, Kalawa 2Pc, Janeu 4pc, Laal Kapda, Safed Kapda, Peela Kapda, Haldi - 10gm, Kumkum - 10gm, Sindoor - 10gm, Mishri - 10gm, Chandan Powder - 10gm, Peeli Sarso - 10gm, Panchmeva - 100gm, Puja Supari - 9Pc, Ilaichi - 5gm, Laung - 5gm, Ganga Jal - 100ml, Honey, Gau Mutra - 50ml, Nariyal - 1Pc, Itra, Akshat 500gm, Tissue Paper - 50pc, Biodegradable Katori - 10Pc, Paper Plate - 15Pc, Havan Items if included.

You Will Arrange: Vessels, Oil Lamps, Mats, Bowls, Chowki, Plates, Milk, Curd, Prasad Sweets, Flowers, Mala, Photo or Murti, Bricks for Havan if included.

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