Satyanarayan Katha Sangeetmay

Satyanarayan Puja is conducted to satisfy Lord Satyanarayan, the most humane form of Lord Vishnu. Satya means Truth, and Narayan means The highest person. Therefore Lord Satyanarayan is regarded as the epitome of Truth and Justice.

The puja grants gratitude to the almighty on the commencement or successful completion of auspicious events in a person’s life. The puja is also conducted to fulfill people’s dreams and desires. This puja aims to bring friends and family together, promote unity and harmony to ensure that wealth, success, general happiness, and well-being prevail in the family.

It starts with Gowri Ganesh Puja and then reciting Lord Satyanarayan Katha Sangeetmay that contains five episodes. Homam is performed in tribute to Lord Satyanarayan to obtain his blessings. In the end, the distribution of Satynarayan Puja Prasad is done.

No of Panditji(s) : 4  | Duration : 2-3 hrs | Pujan Samagri and Music Instrument Included

Key Insights on Satyanarayan Katha Sangeetmay

Who is Lord Satyanarayan?

Lord Satyanarayan is a presentation of Lord Vishnu. This personification of the Lord symbolizes truth alone. He is also known as Narayana. He expresses everlasting truth. Hence, one cannot overlook the consequences of embracing deceit, falsehood, or hatred.

History behind Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan puja and Vratanusthana are ordinarily narrated in Skandapuana. This puja is conducted during the evening to greet good omen and promote family members‘ health. It is also considered as a puja for heartfelt desires accomplishment.

Satyanarayan puja faiths began several thousand years before. In the pioneer times of Kalyug, a poor Brahmin boy who had trust in God roamed in search of food despite poverty. At that time, Lord Satyanarayan arrived in front of the feeble boy disguised as an older person, and the story began. This is assumed to be the Satyanarayan Katha, read out to believers as part of the ritual. The belief is still firm and full of affection.

Satyanarayan puja is made in admiration to Lord Satyanarayan–Lord Mahavishnu’s form. In this form, the lord is considered the epitome of truth. The puja is a method to ensure that prosperity, security, general happiness, and wellness. During this puja, the lord is offered the unique prasad - the pada nivedya. It is a sweet dish made from wheat Rava, cow’s milk, banana, sugar, and ghee.

Benefits of the famous Satyanarayan puja

Satyanarayan Swami is one of Lord Vishnu’s most generally adorned forms, popularly worshipped universally by the Hindu faith. Millions of devotees partake in the popular Satyanarayan Katha and customs and celebrate this special Vrat each month.

The puja begins by praying to Lord Ganesh, erasing all difficulties and hurdles that come our way during life. This is done by reciting Lord Ganesh’s names and offering certain customs like modak as Prasad and bathing the idol with flower petals.

When To Perform Satyanarayan Puja?

Which Prasad Is Offered For Satyanarayan Puja?

Halwa or Sheera made of Rava, Ghee, Milk, Sugar, and Dry fruits are offered for the puja.

The procedure of Satyanarayan Puja

The Satyanarayan puja commences by offering a petition to Lord Ganesha so that he successfully eradicates all barriers that could happen if the puja is done inaccurately. This can be achieved by chanting various Lord Ganesha names and offering Prasada. For instance, Lord Ganesha is fond of Modak, a mixture of coconut and sugar. The final stage is to shower the lord with flower petals.

Another vital part of this prayer is to pray to the Navagraha – or the nine primary celestial objects in this universe. They consist of:

  1. Surya – The Sun
  2. Chandra – The Moon
  3. Angaraka – Mars
  4. Suka – Venus
  5. Buddha – Mercury
  6. Brihaspati – Jupiter
  7. Shani – Saturn
  8. Rahu – North, or the head of Svarbhanu
  9. Ketu – South or the body of Svarbhanu

The primary step is to clean up the area where to place the idol. The final phase of the ceremony is to offer prayers and adore Lord Satyanarayan, one of Lord Vishnu’s most humane forms. Lord Satyanarayan may be worshipped once the idol is put in the appropriate position. The sweets, fruits, etc., along with other valuables such as Prasada can be bestowed by the names of Lord Satyanarayana.

Another fundamental requirement for this holy puja is the legend of Satyanarayan, which all the followers hear. This story includes the origin of the ritual and possible mishaps if any verse is forgotten.

Thanksgiving is finished with Aarti. It is a common practice of rotating a fire-lit Diya near the deity of Lord Satyanarayan. Once the puja is completed, the participants must eat the Prasad that was offered to the Lord and receive his blessings.

Satyanarayan Puja Vidhi

It is usually deemed more appropriate to conduct the puja in the evening. It can also be done during the daytime or early morning. Participants have to fast on the puja’s day.

Pujarambh to the rescue

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Puja would be performed by experienced and well-versed vedic panditji. Panditji will bring gurukul approved authentic samagri. The procedures and rituals would be followed strictly as per Vedic standards. Puja will be performed as per muhurat timings. You will get all information and guidance post booking the Puja from your dedicated puja manager.

Package Includes

We will Bring: Bodysoul Agarbatti/Dhoop Pack, Kapoor/Camphor - 15gm, Rui batti - Round and Long, Kalawa 2Pc, Janeu 4pc, Laal Kapda, Safed Kapda, Peela Kapda, Haldi - 10gm, Kumkum - 10gm, Sindoor - 10gm, Mishri - 10gm, Chandan Powder - 10gm, Peeli Sarso - 10gm, Panchmeva - 100gm, Puja Supari - 9Pc, Ilaichi - 5gm, Laung - 5gm, Ganga Jal - 100ml, Honey, Gau Mutra - 50ml, Nariyal - 1Pc, Itra, Akshat 500gm, Tissue Paper - 50pc, Biodegradable Katori - 10Pc, Paper Plate - 15Pc, Havan Items if included.

You Will Arrange: Vessels, Oil Lamps, Mats, Bowls, Chowki, Plates, Milk, Curd, Prasad Sweets, Flowers, Mala, Photo or Murti, Bricks for Havan if included.

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