Shree Suktam Paath

Shree Suktam Paath

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What is Sri Suktam Paath?

According to Rig Veda, Sri Suktam Paath is a holy hymn devoted to Goddess Laxmi. Maa Laxmi is the deity of wealth, prosperity, and abundance, and chanting Sri Suktam Paath is one of the most incredible ways to praise Devi Laxmi. It is considered that worshippers who chant Sri Suktam Paath in the presence of a Shree Yantra never undergo poverty.

Maa Laxmi is also referred to as the representation of auspicious features. Performing Sri Suktam Paath blesses the worshippers with victory, morality, health, prosperity, and wellness.

No of Panditji(s) : 1  | Duration : 2-3 hrs | Pujan Samagri Included

Shree Suktam Paath

All About Sri Suktam and Laxmi Suktam

Sri Sukta or Laxmi Suktam of the Veda is a convincing Vedic Hymn for Good Luck and Prosperity. It should be chanted, especially on Fridays, and regular worship of Maa Laxmi for peace, abundance, and overall prosperity. Sri Suktam uses the motifs of lotus and elephant, which are the symbols that are always linked with Goddess Laxmi during the Pujas. Maa Laxmi is usually recognized as the Wife of Lord Vishnu or Narayana, and she portrays the grandeur and magnificence of God. Lord Narayana and Goddess Laxmi stand for Growth and Happiness.

Sri Suktam Paath is among the Panch Suktam, that includes, Sri Suktam, Nil Suktam, Purush Sukta, Bhu Suktam, and Vishnu Suktam. They define the appearance of Goddess Maha Laxmi in beautiful words. It is considered that a person who chants Sri Suktam Paath with complete trust and dedication is endowed with never-ending Wealth, Virtue, Health, and Wealth.

How many stanzas are there in Sri Suktam Paath?

There are fifteen stanzas in Shree Suktam. Each and every sentence of this Fifteen Stanzas of Sri Suktam defines the Grace of Maa Laxmi.

Benefits of Sri Suktam Path

  • Sri Suktam Paath is for heavenly grace and the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.
  • Chanting this Suktam Paath gives wealth, fortune, and prosperity of all types.
  • Conducting this Homam assists us to eliminate negative forces, karmic problems, and any abnormal doshas in your horoscope.
  • One should do Laxmi Suktam Path for the removal of obstacles and success.
  • Abnormal Doshas, negative effects, and Karmic problems are dismissed.
  • It endows good health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity, and happiness to the worshipper.
  • For Eternal Wealth and Royal Lifestyle.
  • Shree Suktha Homam aids in defeating obstructions that prevent financial growth.
  • The presence of Maa Laxmi bestows good luck and immense prosperity.
  • Sri Sukta Homam aids in overcoming any loss in the business.
  • Sorrows related to Misery and Money can be overcome by performing this Homam.
  • It is considered that conducting the Shri Sukta Homam chases away all the worries, harmful influences in one’s lifetime.

Homa Procedure:

Sri Sukta Homam is conducted to obtain the set goals in life. The pandits have to perform the ritual on your account, as it cannot be done alone. The popular Ganesh Puja / Ganesh Homam, accompanied by Kalash Puja, Mata Laxmi, is worshiped. Later, mantras and Sri Suktams are recited to perform the Homam. Sree Sukta Homam procedure comprises pujas, yagnas, several thousand Japas, and other techniques.

Why is Sri Sukta Homam done?

Sri Sukta Homam of Maa Laxmi is an all-powerful Homa that is extremely recommended for excluding monetary crisis, sorrow, and distress. This Sri Suktam Homa recovers wealth, prosperity, health, peace, and abundance in your life and eliminates all hardship.

When to Perform Sri Sukta Homam?

Pure prayer can provide astrology services, wherein our expert astrologers or Vedic pandits pick a suitable date and time as per the person's Kundli and Janma Nakshatra (birth star). Fridays are ordinarily proved to be very helpful for performing this Homam.

Why should one perform Sri Suktam Paath and Homam?

Time required: 6 hours to 1 day

Sri means “Maha Laxmi,” and Sukta means “well said.” There is a total of fifteen mantras in the Shree suktam. If youcan arrange all the samagris prescribed in the Rantras, Puranas and Agamas, then you can gain several benefits by performing Sri Sukta Homam.

The glory of Sri Sukta is defined in Kasyapa-Gnanakandam (Vaikhanasam) texts. One who conducts Maha Laxmi mantra Japa 120,000 times continuously for 12 days and completes Homam on the last day accomplishes all siddhis. By offering Homa Bilva fruit and Bilva leaf, uninterrupted prosperity can be obtained. It is recommended to perform Homam with Tulsi and Ghee of Brown cows to give the best outcomes. Sri Maha Laxmi is worshiped as the goddess of wealth.

The Sri Sukta Homam is conducted for Sri Maha Laxmi and it is a meaningful spiritual process for achieving economic desires and success. This auspicious Homam is considered to bring Good Luck and fortune. It eliminates misfortunes and hardship. The promising Sri Suktha Homam of Maa Maha Laxmi consists of reciting of Powerful Hymns, thousands of Japas, and hundreds of favorable Yagna Ahutis with strong mantras to bring the power of Maa Laxmi in your support which in turn brings Health, Wealth, Peace, and Prosperity in your family in your life.

Sri Sukta Homam is an extremely powerful Homa for abolishing your personal or family’s monetary problems. It can also eliminate the economic problems of your workplace.

Pujarambh to the rescue

Hire a professional Pandit who can analyze your Kundli and assist you in selecting the correct Sri Suktam puja time for you, then you are at the right place. Pujarambh can make all the preparations so you can achieve a smooth and productive Maha Laxmi Homam.

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