Sawan Shivratri 2022 - Sawan Shivratri Puja Muhurat and Vrat Vidhi

In India, the festival of Maha Shivratri, which is widely regarded as one of the nation's most significant religious occasions, is commemorated each year with a great deal of fervor and enthusiasm. This special occasion, the name of which literally translates to "the big night of Shiva," is going to be commemorated on 26 July of this year.

It is commonly held that the Maha Shivratri only occurs once a year in the month of July, coinciding with the transition from the colder months of winter to the warmer months of spring and summer. This belief is based on the fact that Shivratri occurs during each lunisolar month of the Hindu calendar. It is believed that Shiva and Shakti, or the masculine and feminine energies which then keep the system in balance, converge on the night of Maha Shivratri, making it the most auspicious of something like the 12 Shivratris that are celebrated during any given year. Because of this, Maha Shivratri is regarded as the most joyous of the 12 Shivratri. Both Shiva and Shakti are highly adored because they are seen as the personification of love, power, and unity.

In India, the festival of Maha Shivratri, which is widely regarded as one of the most joyous and significant events, is commemorated on a yearly basis with a great deal of fervor and enthusiasm. The event takes place in New Delhi. This special occasion, the name of which literally translates to "the big night of Shiva," is going to be commemorated on July 26 of this year.

The importance of Maha Shivratri has been described in a number of legends that span the entirety of human history.

One of them asserts that Lord Shiva, as well as Goddess Parvati, got married on this day and that the ceremony took place in this very temple. Lord Shiva is the embodiment of the quality of Purusha, or awareness, while Maa Parvati is the embodiment of the quality of Prakriti, or nature. The process of creation is facilitated by the coming together of one's consciousness and energy.

According to yet another version of the tale, the Samudra Manthan was marked by the appearance of a vessel made of poison that came from the water. As a result of the widespread fear that this event might wipe out the entire planet, the gods appealed to Lord Shiva for assistance. Demons also shared this widespread fear.

Shiva drank the full vial of poison, and then, rather than swallowing it, he held that in his throat so that the entire world wouldn't be harmed by its harmful consequences. As a consequence of this, his neck became blue, and as a result, people started referring to him as Neelakantha.

The festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated throughout a number of the states that make up India, including Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, as well as Bihar.

Sawan Shivratri 2022 Puja Muhurat

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins: 26 Jul 2022 at 06:46 pm

Chaturdashi Tithi End: 27 Jul 2022 at 09:11 pm

Midnight, also known as Nishida Kaal, is the time of day when Lord Shiva is worshiped. Midnight will be somewhere between 12:08 and 12:58. Puja can also be performed by devotees during any of the four prayers, which are as follows:

First Prahar Puja Time - 07:16 PM to 09:52 PM

Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time - 09:52 PM to 12:28 AM, Jul 27

Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time - 12:28 AM to 03:04 AM, Jul 27

Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja Time - 03:04 AM to 05:39 AM, Jul 27

Sawan Shivratri Puja Vidhi

Before going to a temple or executing a ritual such as a puja, devotees are required to wash their bodies thoroughly. By sprinkling Gangajal throughout your home, particularly at the location where the ritual will be carried out, you will make it clean and ready for the puja. Start either a lamp made of earthenware or brass by lighting it. Take a seat in front of the statue of Lord Shiva while maintaining your composure, and then pray to him to appreciate your offerings. While you perform the Abhishek with water on the Shivaling, you should chant "OM" or "OM - Namah Shivaya."

During the puja, you may use offerings like milk and curd, honey and ghee, as well as other foods such as milk and ghee. During the offering of prayers, incense sticks should be lit, and you should also make use of either Bel or Vilva leaves, in addition to flowers. During the puja, you can also serve Lord Shiva fresh fruits and a variety of dried fruits as an offering. After you have finished meditating for some time, you will be able to end the puja by singing the Shiva Aarti & asking for blessings from the god.

Sawan Shivratri Vrat Vidhi

Devotees must only consume food once on the day before the Shivratri Vratam, which falls on Trayodashi most of the time. After performing the morning rites on the day of Shivratri, devotees must take Sankalp () to commit to observing a complete day of fasting on Shivratri and to start eating the next day again. During Sankalp, worshippers take an oath to act in their own self-interest for the duration of the fast and pray to Lord Shiva for his grace in being able to do so without being hindered in any way.

On the day of Shivratri, worshippers are instructed to take a second bath in the evening before performing the Shiva Puja or going to the temple. It is recommended that Shiva Puja be performed at night, as well as devotees should break their fast the next morning after taking a bath. In order to maximize the positive effects of the Vrat, devotees should break their fast between the time the sun rises and before the conclusion of the Chaturdashi Tithi. One idea contends that devotees must continue to fast till the end of the Chaturdashi Tithi. This viewpoint is in direct opposition to another. It is recommended, however, that either the Shiva Puja or the Parana (पारण), which translates to breaking the fast, be performed on the Chaturdashi Tithi.

Sawan Shivratri Mantra

All the devotees gather near the “Shiva Linga” and start chanting “Om Namah Shivaya,”

People who worship Lord Shiva by performing puja, abstaining from food, and praying to him are thought to be bestowed with the blessing of good fortune. Many people believe that during the Maha Shivratri fast, devotees are reminded that pride, ego, and deceit are all paths that lead to destruction. Overall, it is one of those days in which optimism triumphs over negative.

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