How Many Days in Advance Should I Book a Pandit Online? How Many Days in Advance Should I Book a Pandit Online?

How Many Days in Advance Should I Book a Pandit Online?

Did you know the pandit booking online platforms are getting bigger and better with every passing day?

Gone are the days when people had to drive through the busy lanes of the old city to find an aged qualified and reputable pandit who can perform puja in their home. Now everyone is embracing digitization and you can hire the same pandit ji with online puja booking services like Pujarambh.

Pujarambh is a trusted platform for finding a qualified purohit or pandit for online puja in India. Currently, our services are making lives easier for people living in Delhi NCR, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Whether you are entering a new home, getting married, or want to book pandit for puja on a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, you can make things happen with just a few clicks.

Since Online Pandit Booking for Puja is a comparatively new thing, you must be wondering how does it work and if it is really reliable? Keep on reading to find answers to your queries like how to book a pandit near me and how many days in advance to book a pandit for puja.

Who is a Pandit and Why Do You Need One?

In Sanskrit, the word pandit denotes a wise and educated man. Their specialised knowledge includes puja, dharma, Vedic knowledge and Hinduism. You need a pandit to perform any kind of puja at home. A pandit is required basically for

  • Puja Consultation
  • Pooja Shubh Muhurat Dates
  • Puja Samagri
  • Puja Ceremony

Most of us are clueless about the right mantra and methods to perform a certain puja. For instance, the puja required at Bhumi Pujan is different than the one performed during Grah Pravesh. Similarly, the puja done at a wedding is more detailed than the one required for an anniversary celebration. Based on the event and the requirements, you can hire a Hindu priest, also known as a pandit. These knowledgeable individuals can consult you about the right dates and methods to make the puja happen in the most fruitful manner.

How Many Days in Advance Do You Need to Make the Booking?

The biggest wedding season of the year has started already and therefore it can be difficult to find pandit ji without advance booking. Be it a small-scale puja ceremony or you are searching for a wedding pandit, advance booking is highly suggested.

To stay one step ahead of others, search for pandits online and try to book at least 10 days prior to the occasion. Booking in advance prevents the rush and last-minute panics. So, the earlier the better.

Moreover, last minute bookings can be expensive, especially when during the wedding season. Hence, it is recommended to plan ahead and use the Pujarambh platform to book your panditji in advance.

How To Book an Online Pandit in Gurgaon?

Make good use of the internet and search “online pandit ji near me”, you can easily find a listing or directory that mentions pandits near your location. However, some websites are scams, and you must practice vigil while searching online.

A safer and easier way to find a pandit in Gurgaon is to browse through Pujarambh. It is a reputable online platform to find qualified pandits in all metro cities of India. Here is the step wise guide to finding a pandit in your city at Pujarambh:

Select City: The first and obvious step is to enter the city from the drop-down menu. Currently, Pujarambh is offering online booking services in New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Select Puja: Up next you need to select the type of puja you want to conduct. The available services include everything from basic Annprashana puja and Bhumi pujan to Durga Puja and havan, Ganesh puja and havan, Vastu puja, wedding puja, Navgraha Shanti puja etc. There are various types of packages available such as basic and premium puja. You can also select the option to conduct the puja at home or at a temple nearby.

Pandit Requirements: When booking a pandit online at Gurgaon, the default option is selected for a North Indian pandit. However, customers get the option to pick from Tamil, Telugu or Bengali pandit.

Additional Samagri: In a standard package, the pandit will arrive at your location with all the required puja samagri including havan items. However, you get the option to customise the puja and buy additional puja samagri if required. If ordered, pandit will arrive with extra samagri such as fruits, sweets, milk, curd, puja thali set and havan kund. Havan kund is a stand made of steel, which can be used to burn havan samagri at any surface without damaging the floor.

Confirm Payment: When all the selections are done, you are forwarded to the order confirmation page. Pujarambh provides you with the option to choose between immediate payment or payment after the puja. It helps us to instil a strong trust among our customers.

What Else Do You Get at Pujarambh?

Pujarambh is making lives easier for many. You can not only arrange puja and preparations on auspicious occasions but also get Astrology Pandit Booking.

Get online and contact the qualified pandits for Astro consultation as well as Vastu consultation. The Astro consultation can be done easily over a phone call. These are the services available for online consultation:

  • Free Muhurt consultation
  • Kundali reading and consultation
  • Detailed astrology reading
  • Customise Astro consultation over Phone or Video Call

Final Words

Want to call a pandit at home? Avoid last minute hiccups by booking in advance. Book at Pujarambh and get qualified North India, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali pandits. We have options for both basic and premium puja ceremonies at a competitive price.

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