Who is the first worshipped among God?

In the Indian culture, there has been a tradition of Mangalacharan or the worship of deities before beginning any work. This is to ensure the success of any work. To perform a task smoothly and smoothly, it is necessary to worship Shree Ganesh for the first time. That is why in Sanatan Dharma, the beginning of any work starts with the worship of Shree Ganesh. Any devotee who fasts or worships Lord Ganesha surely receives the blessings of the Lord and the desired fruit. Some people also write Shree Ganeshaya Namah at the time of the inauguration.

Apart from this, it is also a custom that Sri Ganesh is worshipped before all the deities. Most people know about this custom, but very few people know why Ganesha is worshipped first. While many people don’t know this, it has an interesting story. Actually, in order to avoid any hindrance in worship, rituals, and work, Lord Ganesha is worshipped first. His blessing is obtained before beginning any important task.

The Story behind Ganesh Puja

Once a dispute arose among all the gods on who should be worshipped first before any ceremony on the earth. All the gods started to discuss the reasons why they should be prayed first and claimed themselves the best. Narad Muni, a divine Sage, after seeing this situation advised all the gods to go to Mt Kailash to Lord Shiva. He asks them to take the help of Lord Shiva and resolve the dispute. Thus, all the gods reached near Lord Shiva. He saw the quarrel between them and then decided to give them a task in order to test them. He organized a competition for all the deities. He asked them to sit in their respective vahana and take a round of the whole universe. In this competition, whoever revolves around the universe and reaches them first, will be considered as the god to be the first worshipped.

All the gods set out for their journey with their vehicles. Lord Ganesh was also a part of this competition. However, Ganesha, unlike the other gods who orbited the universe, completed the seven rounds by orbiting his parents Shiva-Parvati and stood with folded hands in front of him. When all the deities returned after doing their task, Lord Shiva declared Shri Ganesh victorious in the competition. All the gods were astonished to hear this decision and asked Shiva to explain the reason behind it. Then Shivji told him that the parents have been given the highest position in all the universe and all the worlds, which are considered to be higher than the gods and all the creation. Then all the gods agreed with this decision of Lord Shiva. Since then, Lord Ganesh was first considered to be revered.

This is the reason that Lord Ganesha began to be worshipped among the gods for the first time due to the use of his sharp intellect. Since then, Ganesh Vandana is considered auspicious before every important event or festival.  Most people remember Lord Ganesh before starting any auspicious work.

How to Establish Lord Ganesh In your House

You can go to the market and select the idol of Ganapati and then bring the statue home. While purchasing the idol of Ganesha, make sure that his vehicle, a mouse, is also there. The idol should be such that, in which, Ganesha is giving blessings with his hand i.e. one hand should be in Varada posture. Also, keep in mind that they have modak in other hands. If he does not have modak in his hand, then worshipping such an idol of Lord Ganesh is considered inauspicious.

Before bringing him home, clean the place of worship thoroughly and sprinkle Ganga water throughout the house. Then by laying a red cloth on a clean area, place Akshat i.e. rice on it, and install Ganapati on top of them. After this, give Lord Ganesh a bath with Ganges water with the help of Durva grass and offer yellow clothes to the Lord. With this, you can also offer moli as a garment.  After bathing, offer Akshat and flowers by applying Tilak to Lord Ganpati with roli and offer dear modak. After this, perform Aarti and Kirtan. Do keep Panchameva daily in Prasad.

How to do Vandana

Before worshipping, sit in a straight posture and collect all the puja materials: flowers, incense, lamp, camphor, roli, molly red, sandalwood, modak, etc. Wednesday is believed to be dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Some people also keep fast to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Tulsi Dal and Tulsi leaves should not be offered to Lord Ganesh. However, Durva grass can be offered to him after plucking from a clean place and washing it. Modak (laddus) is very much loved by Lord Ganesha, so offer him prasad made of pure ghee.

Read the mantra of Shri Ganesha, “Shri Gan Ganpataye Namah ” 108 times, to yields good results. Sitting near the Puja site with joining both your hands and reciting a mantra to get auspicious results. Lord Shiva including Shree Ganesh and the entire Shiva family including Gauri, Nandi, Karthikeya should be worshipped through the Shodashopchar method. Do not have any kind of negative emotions and anger at the time of fasting and worship. This can prove to make your actions futile. While meditating on Shree Ganesh, one should be pure and happy with the spiritual mind. After worship, remember all the deities. Always welcome and worship them in the same manner and spirit.

Lord Ganesha takes a formidable form in the path of obstacles to remove all the obstacles of his devotees. You can establish him outside your house like Office, factory, Car, etc., and put a Ganesh’s form or picture inside. By doing this, Ganesha will be present in the threshold of your shop or factory and there will always be happiness and prosperity. No negativity will enter your house or workplace. Worshipping Ganapati with a true mind and pure spirit gives wisdom, health, and wealth.

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